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Meet Gabi Pridemore

Gabi Pridemore​​​​​​​

OCE Viking Corps Student Snapshot

“As a tutor, I have learned a great deal about the youth in the communities that I served. Every student I worked with was at a different stage in their education and no child was the same. Thousands of students in Cleveland communities are assisted by OCE tutors and student workers every year, and at one point, I was one of those contributors. After a year of tutoring, I was offered the opportunity to work as a student assistant in the Office of Civic Engagement. In my two years of experience working in this role, I have seen the tremendous effort that goes into putting CSU students in Cleveland communities. The efforts of tutors and student workers have a huge impact on thousands of youth and community members each and every year. As an office assistant, I learned interviewing, hiring, professional communication, budgeting, scheduling, event planning, and working with MS Excel. After being a tutor and an office assistant, I was offered the educational and professional opportunity to become a graduate assistant with the OCE. Working with Anita Ruf-Young, and the OCE, holds great importance to me because I would not be here academically if it was not for her encouragement and guidance. This graduate assistantship allowed me to affordably pursue my graduate degree."

Gabi Pridemore
OCE Graduate Assistant for Viking Corps and America Reads
Bachelor of Arts Psychology and Criminology, Cleveland State University