Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Jamaria Glover

JamariaJamaria is a freshman at CSU. She majors in Health Science with a focus in Pre-Occupational Therapy. Jamaria tutors at the East 131st and Rockport CPL branches.

Jamaria was referred to the OCE America Reads program by her roommates, Saba Bekuretsion and Taryn Pryor. Jamaria believed this would be a job she would enjoy as she loves working with kids of all ages. She hopes to form a bond with the children so they will not be afraid to ask for help. She hopes to get the students to want to do their homework with her or even simply read books together while at the library. Jamaria shares, “Other students should get involved in programs like America Reads at CSU because the outcomes of working for this program are only positive. It is a fun and beneficial experience.”

Jamaria was the 2021 Youth of the Year for the Boys and Girls Clubs. She interacted with many young children at the Boys and Girls Clubs and acted as a role model while she was there which earned her the award.

Jamaria chose CSU because it is only an hour away from home and found that the Occupational Therapy program at CSU was a good fit for her. At CSU, she is a member of the Black Student Union.