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Meet Noah Frazier

Noah FrazierNoah Frazier Tutoring in Action

Meet Cleveland Public Library Fulton Branch Tutor Noah Frazier

I am a tutor for the Office of Civic Engagement at the Cleveland Public Library Fulton branch. In addition to my major in English Creative Writing, I am also pursuing minors in Spanish and Art History. I am a member of the Spanish and Hillel clubs at CSU, where I have met some remarkable people and close friends who share my interests. I chose to attend CSU to stay close to home initially, however living on campus for almost two years has bolstered my social network greatly, where I now love all of what the University has to offer. I chose to work for this program because I wanted to make an impact and learn more about being in a teaching position as investigation for my potential career path! I have already gained an enhanced sense of patience and acceptance for younger kids, where before I had not had much experience hanging around younger kids nor tutoring. I would recommend anyone to become a tutor to have a rewarding experience and gain personal connections with kids who need help with their schoolwork, as we all did at some point! I personally have loved interacting with one young student who speaks Spanish at home and yet shows a strong desire to learn to read English well. I would love to teach English in a foreign country at some point in my life, and this experience was gratifying and a wonderful precursor as well! My role in addition to being a tutor can be resembled as a brotherly figure who shows them respect and asks questions about themselves, all while fostering learning and hard work. I have learned a great deal about the Cleveland community in the Fulton area with its diverse cultures and how earnest and wonderful the staff employed by the Fulton branch are! I cherish my time here and will enjoy working here for the rest of this semester and hopefully more semesters in the future.