Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Saba Bekuretsion

SabaSaba is a freshman at CSU majoring in Urban Studies with a minor in Anthropology. Saba was hired in Fall 2021 to work at the CPL Addison branch and has remained at Addison through Spring 2022. Saba referred her group of friends to join the America Reads program when more tutors were needed. Her friends, Taryn, Nina, Makayla, and Jamaria now work at several of the CPL branches.

“Being a tutor has taught me patience and I have learned how to put things in a different perspective so others can understand. This program is getting me closer to knowing if I want to work in a non-profit in the future with my degree. I feel that working for the America Reads program for the OCE has brought me closer to the Cleveland community.”

Saba shared that students should join programs at CSU because, “You never know how much it could benefit you. Having this job has taken me off campus, allowed me to travel around, and see more of Cleveland on my own and get comfortable. The job helps you socialize and talk to people in the community and other CSU students.