Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Sierra McGaughey

Sierra McGaugheySierra is currently majoring in General Business at CSU. She was hired as a Viking Corps tutor for the Fall 2021 semester. Sierra tutors at a Cleveland Public Library branch for the Office of Civic Engagement. 

"I wanted to work as a CPL Viking Corps tutor so I could give back more to the community."

Why should other students get involved with Viking Corps or America Reads while they are students at CSU?
I think students should get involved while they are still students. Students may not have time to tutor once they are out of school and working a full time job, so being able to gain this experience and meet new people now is to one's benefit.

What made you want to work as a CPL Viking Corps Tutor?
I loved reading as a child, so being able to work in a library with kids is really cool to me.

What do you feel you will gain being a tutor or be able to give to kids being a tutor? 
I hope I gain more ideas on how I can help children succeed through school as well as being able to give them bright ideas.

Why did you choose to attend CSU?
I chose to attend CSU since it was close to home and I would be able to commute. I know many students itch to get the freedom of moving away for school and having a dorm or an apartment, but I’m perfectly fine with being able to stay home and drive to my classes.