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Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs Computer Lab UR40 (Collaborative Lab)


Computer Lab Availability

This computer lab is primarily but not exclusively used to support Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs students. UR40 is designated as a collaborative workspace so quiet conversations between students working together is to be expected in this lab. This lab will also be used for classes offered through the Levin College or Public Affairs and Education.

Students with limited computer and/or internet access should utilize the CSU Mobile Campus program. Mobile Campus offers  HP laptop or MacBook Air computers for rent for up to four days for on and off campus use.   

Students requiring access to GIS software  should direct inquiries to Bob Martel at ESRI GISPro desktop software and ArcGIS OnLine are available to all CSU students.

For additional up to date information about student computing and lab resources, including the Help Desk, Mobile Campus, and information about other computer labs on campus, please refer to

The lab's open hours for this semster are listed here. »


For issues with machines or software contact at To contact the lab monitor / lab office call 216.523.7566.

Lab Policy and Procedues

View Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs' Lab Policy and Procedures.


Personal Computers Assistive Technology iMacs
7zip Jaws  
Adobe Acrobat Pro Read & Write  
Adobe Reader Zoom Text  
Apache OpenOffice (Office Suite)   iTunes
ArcGIS & ARCHydro Tools extension    
BlackBoard Instant Messenger   Keynote
ER Mapper   Microsoft Office 2011
GIMP - (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)    
Google Chrome    
InfraReader (CD/DVD burning software)    
Internet Explorer   Numbers
ITunes   Pages
Java   Safari
Maple   VLC Player
Microsoft Office Project    
Microsoft Office Suite    
Microsoft Office Visio    
Minitab stats    
Mozilla Firefox    
R (statistics)    
SAS (statistics)    
SPSS/PASW (statistics)    
Text Pad    
VLC Media Player    
Xtools Pro    

Lab Monitor Services Provided

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