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Downloadable Forms - Current Students

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Undergraduate Student

Degree Student

Enrollment / Registration

Student Requests / Exceptions

  • Graduate Student Petition Form   Revised July 2015
    The following guidelines are provided so that requests will be presented clearly to members of the program committee and the graduate college petitions committee.  (Petition Guidelines)
  • Graduate Program Transfer Request   Revised May 2013
    For admitted graduate degree students who have not yet completed their current program of study but wish to transfer to a new degree program.  (Enrollment Guidelines)
  • Graduate Student Transient Approval Form   Revised Jun 2013
    For admitted CSU degree, certificate, or licensure students who wish to take courses at another institution to obtain transfer credit. (Transient Guidelines)
  • Graduate Transfer Credit Form  Revised Jun 2019
    To request a transfer of graduate credit from another institution toward program requirements at Cleveland State. (Transfer Guidelines)
  • Credit by Examination   Revised October 2013
    A graduate degree, certificate, or licensure student may request to receive credit by examination for a course with departmental approval and with the permission of the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The student must pay a $20 fee for each examination. Graduate Credit by Examination forms are available online or in the College of Graduate Studies Office (Parker Hannifin Hall 3rd floor). (Enrollment Guidelines)
  • Graduate Student Conference Travel Fund Request Form  
    The College of Graduate Studies makes every effort to support master’s and doctoral student travel to make presentations at professional conferences.

Degree Completion

  • Thesis & Dissertation Proposal Approval Form   Revised August 2011
    This form is required for approval prior to registration of Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation credits.
  • Graduation
    All students are required to complete a graduation application well in advance of their projected graduation date. Students should consult their college advising offices before submitting their application.

Completion of Master Degree

Completion of Doctoral Degree

Completion of Certificate

  • Graduate Certificate Completion Form  Revised May 2008
    This form should be submitted by the student to the Graduate Program Director by no later than the end of the sixth week of the term when it is anticipated that all certificate requirements will be met. The Dean’s Office will verify certificate requirements met at the end of the final term. Certificates are normally awarded to students within six weeks of the end of the completion term.