Department of Counseling, Administration, Supervision and Adult Learning



The Master of Education in Health Professions Education (MEHPE) program is designed for healthcare professionals who have current educational roles or responsibilities.  This enables the application of learning to ongoing professional activities and brings real-world experience to the educational setting.  The curriculum aims to refine skills in the areas of adult learning, curriculum design and instruction, learner assessment, program planning and evaluation, and educational scholarship. Click here to view curriculum information. 

Fall Y1
Educational Research
Adult Learning and Development Theories and Practice

Spring Y1
Teaching Methods for Adult Learners
Educational Technology in Health Professions

Summer Y1
Health Professions Education Capstone Seminar 1 (pass/fail)

Fall Y2
Learner Assessment in Health Professions Education
Planning Programs for Adult Learners

Spring Y2
Program Evaluation
Health Professions Education Elective

Summer Y2
Health Professions Education Capstone Portfolio Seminar 2

Graduation: Total Semester Credit Hours to Degree = 30


MEHPE Curriculum and Elective Course Descriptions:

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