School of Communication



Jeffrey Bolt       
Senior College Lecturer 
Ph.D., Kent State University
Courses Taught: Communication Inquiry, Professional Communication, Sports Communication, Managing Organizational Teams, Mass Media and Society, Intercultural Communication
Research Interests: Effects of Media Framing, Cultivation through Reality Television, Impact of Music on Regulating Emotional States

Phone: 216-687-3996

Ramune Braziunaite
Assistant College Lecture
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University
Courses Taught: Gender and Communication, Managing Organizational Teams, Health Communication, Interracial Communication
Research Interests: Intercultural Communication, Comparative Media studies, Organizational Communication, Health Commuinication and Political Communication


Edward Horowitz
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Course Taught: Communication Technology and Social Change, Foundations of Journalism and Promotional Communication, International Communication, Advanced Reporting and Editing
Research Interests: News Studies, Mass Media Effects, Mass Communication Theory, Political Communication

Phone: 216-687-4511

Gwen Hullman
Associate Visiting Professor
Phone: 216-687-4630

Guowei Jian 
Full Professor, Graduate Director
Ph.D., university of Colorado at Boulder
Course Taught: Leadership Communication in Organization, Communication in Organizations, Organizational Communication Theory, Qualitative Research Methods, Communication and Relationships in East Asian Societies
Research Interests: Organization, Civic, Political and Organizational Engagement

Phone: 216-687-3995

John Jirik
Assistant College Lecturer
Ph.D., University of Texas
Course Taught: Media Writing, Multimedia Storytelling , Digitial Publication Design and Graphics, JPC capstone (Cleveland Stater)
Research Interests:Journalism Theory and Practice, Digital, Online and Mobile Journalism, Local Journalism, Convergence of Legacy and Emergent Media, The Emerging Convergent Newsroom, The 24/7 News Cycle and Multimedia Journalism, Global Media Systems, Public Service News and Journalism, Internatinal News Agency Journalism

Phone: 216-687-6927

Anup Kumar
Associate Professor, Journalism and Promotional Communication Major Director
Ph.D., univerity Of Iowa
Course Taught: Principles of Social Media, Media Law, Economics and Ethics, Social Issues in News, Media Writing
Research Interests: Media and Politics, Peace Communication, Indian Elections Studies


Yuchen Liu
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Kansas
Course Taught: Principles of Social-Media, Principles of Public relations, Communication Campaigns, Psychology Processing of Media
Research Interests: Use and Effects of Social Media in Public Relations, Strategic Commuinication

Phone: 216-687-6944

Elizabeth Pask
Associate Professor, Communication Studies Major Director, and Director of Internships
Ph.D., Arizona State Universtiy
Course Taught: Advanced in Health Communication, Advanced Relational Communication, Family Communication, Health Commiunication, Communciation Research Methods, Relational Communicaiton Theory
Research Interests: The Intersection of Relational Communicaiton and Public Health Problems


Richard Perloff
Full Professor of Communication, Psychology, and political Science
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Course Taught: Persuasive Communications and Attitude, Social Issues in News, Political Communicatoin, Pyschological Processing of Media
Research Interests: Persusion Studies

Phone: 216-687-4632

Jill Rudd
Full Professor
Ph.D., Kent State Unversity
Course Taught: Group Process and Decison Making, Problems in Communciation, Communciation and Negotiation, Mediaiton and Collaborative Problem Solving, Family Communciation, International Negotiatie Strategy and Practice
Research Interests: Negotiation and Mediation, Violence, Aggression


Elizabeth Thomas
Assistant College Lecturer, Director od Journalism And Promotional Communciatoin Major
Ph.D., Kent State Univeristy
Course Taught:Mass Media and Society, Media Metrics and Analytics, Promotional Production, Digital Content Production, Journalism and Media Laboratory
Research Interests: Strategic Communication in Social Media

Phone: 216-687-4639

Robert Whitbred
Associate Professor & School Director
Ph.D., Univiersity of Illinois at urbana-Champaign
Course Taught: Comprehension Examination, Communication and Training in Organizations, Managing Organizational Teams, Public and Professional Speaking, Strategic Communication
Research Interests: Organizational Communication, Dynamic Analysis of Informal Networks


Qiwei (Luna) Wu
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Texas A&M Universtiy
Course Taught: Health Communication, Gender Communication, Group Processes and Decision Making
Research Interests: Strategic Health Communication, Advanced Quantitative Research Methods

Phone: 216-687-4641

Robert Abelman
Eileen Berlin Ray
Leo Jeffres
Susan Kogler Hill
Jae-Won Lee
George Ray
Kim Neuendorf