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M.A. in Applied Social Research

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M.A. in Applied Social Research Course Information from the CSU Catalog
M.A. in Applied Social Research, Accelerated 4+1 Course Information from the CSU Catalog

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Department of Criminology and Sociology
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The Program

  • The GRE is not required for this degree program.
  • 18-month degree, 10 courses, 30 credits
  • 3 semesters and 1 summer if enrolled full-time (9 credit hours/semester)
  • Students may also take 6 credits/semester and remain full-time, but will take 24 months to complete the program.
    • Students who take fewer than 6.0 credits per year (not per semester) will be considered part-time and not eligible for graduate assistantships.
  • Graduate Assistantships are awarded through a competitive process. Such assistantships include a stipend for up to 10 hours/week of work for the department.  Such departmental work may include assisting faculty with grading, proctoring exams, holding office hours, assisting faculty with research such as data entry or transcription, or providing needed support for the department such as tutoring. All applicants whose files are complete by the deadline will be automatically considered for such assistantships.
Core courses (15 hours): 
  • SOC 540
  • SOC 550
  • SOC 551
  • SOC 552

And either

  • SOC 695:  Master’s Research Practicum
  • SOC 690: Master’s Research Internship
Electives and Tool Skills (15 hours):

Two 500-level elective Seminars within the CAS dept.

Three Tool Skill courses chosen from relevant graduate offerings in other CSU graduate programs.

Actual job titles and work sites for which this degree makes you eligible:
  • Independent research and consulting firms (human services, health care, criminal justice, environment, etc.)
  • Universities and academic research centers
  • Departments of Probation and the courts
  • Hospitals and Health care systems
  • Public Health departments
  • Nonprofit human services organizations
  • National research organizations (RAND, Battelle, Mathematica, Abt, NORC, Gallup, etc.)
  • Private companies (insurance, environmental resource management, safety products, etc.

Typical Program for a Full-Time Student (9.0 credit hours/semester)

Semester 1 SOC 551
SOC 550
Social Statistics I
Applied and Evaluation Research Methods
Graduate Seminar or Tool Skill
Semester 2 SOC 540
SOC 552
Social Theory and Application
Social Statistics II
Graduate Seminar or Tool Skill
Summer Elective
Tool Skill
Tool Skill


Semester 3 SOC 695/ 690
Master’s Research Practicum I or Master’s Research Internship
Graduate Seminar or Tool Skill
TOTAL   10 Courses 30