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The Ohio Urban Principal Endorsement


A competency-based leadership licensure program approved by the Ohio Department of Education

The Urban Principal Endorsement Program will prepare building-level leaders to understand the needs of urban school communities and create responsive programs that support academic success and well-being. Over the course of five collaborative seminars addressing five licensure endorsement standards, Urban Principal Endorsement Fellows will demonstrate their competence in:

  • Creating shared goals for their schools, and monitoring progress towards those goals.
  • Supporting high-quality instruction for high student achievement.
  • Initiating and managing building-level changes.
  • Establishing opportunities for instructional staff learning and leadership.
  • Engaging families and communities in the educational process.

The Urban Principal Endorsement Program provides:

  • Five (5) standards-based collaborative, virtual seminars over the academic year.
  • Reflection and meetings with an assessment team using performance rubrics to ascertain successful standards and program completion.

Participants will observe, question, practice, reflect, apply, and create an implementation plan to execute in their school districts.

Participants must hold a standard Ohio principal license or certificate. Successful completion of this graduate-level program leads to the Urban Principal Licensure Endorsement, which can then be added to a standard Ohio principal license or certificate. The endorsement shall be valid for the same ages and grade levels as the principal's license or certificate that is held by the candidate obtaining the endorsement.

The program requires VIRTUAL attendance at each of the five (5) monthly Saturday seminars, with a final celebration session at the end of the program, in addition to occassional, individual by-appointment virtual meetings with the assessment team. The cost of the program is $3,250.

For more information, please contact the Center for Educational Leadership at (216) 875-9912 or via email.

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For more information, contact the Center for Educational Leadership at (216) 875-9912 or via email.