Department of Teacher Education

Special Education

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Our Mission

To prepare special educators to design and to deliver effective research-based instruction that results in optimal developmental, life-skills and academic student outcomes.

Our Vision

Graduates of our program will passionately advocate for and utilize evidence-based practices that promote equitable educational experiences for individuals with disabilities.  We embrace practices that rely on data-based decision making informed by observable and measurable child and student performance.

We prepare special education teachers to work collaboratively with community, other professionals, and parents to facilitate an enhanced quality of life as an inclusive member of society.


The programs in Special Education at Cleveland State University are designed to prepare teachers to work with young children and K-12 students who have disabilities. The majors are designed to provide course work in the education of learners with exceptional needs.

There are three different majors including: Early Childhood Intervention Specialist, Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist, & Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist. The Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Intensive majors can be pursued at the Bachelor’s Degree level. All majors are offered at the Master’s Degree level. In addition, specific licensure only programs are also available at the graduate level.

Early Childhood Intervention Specialist
Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist
Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist
BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)
Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate