Doctoral Studies

Specializations - School Administration

Program Overview

The School Administration specialization permits doctoral candidates with previous study in administration to update and deepen their professional preparation in the theory, research and practice of management and leadership for educational, government, human resource development, and social service settings. Each student's program is individually designed, subject to approval by his/her advisor, so as to accommodate the student's previous study and his/her career goals, while building on the Urban Education core.

Students desiring to pursue career goals in school administration must have a Master’s degree in elementary or secondary administration or the equivalent.

Program Objectives

• Develop school leaders for a global society
• Provide a comprehensive exploration of urban school issues and resolutions
• Prepare students to conduct rigorous research and critically analyze existing research on school leadership
• Prepare students to assist in the development and implementation of local, state, and federal school policies


School administration graduates are prepared to work in K-12 schools, colleges, universities, non-profits, and with federal and state departments of education. Examples of career opportunities include:
• College or university faculty
• School district superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, directors of research, curriculum supervisors, directors of special education
• Developers of charter schools
• Professional positions with the Ohio Department of Education, charitable foundations and with the U.S. Department of Education

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Admission Requirements

Admission Term: Applications for admission are processed for Fall semester only
Application Deadline: First Monday in February
Prerequisites: Master's Degree
GRE Requirement: Optional
Letters of Recommendation: Required and a statement of purpose along with the resume

Degree Completion Requirements

The School Administration specialization requires as a prerequisite a master’s degree in administration and leads to a state license for various administrative positions


• ADM 831 - Implementing Public Policy in Schools & Universities
• ADM 889 - Advanced Seminar in Administration


• ALD 606 – Modern Higher Education in Changing Society
• ALD 645 – Organizational Learning & Change
• ADM 642 – Human Resources & Community Engagement
• ADM 643 – School Financial & Facilities Management
• ADM 652 – School Business Management & School Facilities
• ADM 674 – Special Education Law
• ADM 676 – Clinical Supervision and Professional Development
• ADM 677 – Legal and Policy Issues in Education
• ADM 811 – The School Superintendency