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Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language

Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language
Program Overview

The Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language specialization accepts applicants who are fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English, and prepares them to teach and support teachers whose specialty is or will be teaching Chinese to students with a first language other than Chinese, and/or decision-makers charged with administration of such a program. Applicants must hold a Master's degree or higher in order to apply for admission; teaching certification in the field of Chinese is recommended but not required. This specialization includes required coursework delivered at a distance by Chinese institutions of higher education. 

Please contact Dr. Lih-Ching Chen Wang at for more information.

Careers- Potential Employers

• Institutions of higher education
• Language training programs
• Language development centers
• Industrial business companies
• Research organizations

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Admission Requirements

Admission Term: Applications for admission are processed for Fall semester only
Application Deadline: First Monday in February
Prerequisites: Master's Degree and fluency in Mandarin Chinese.
GRE Requirement: Required.
Letters of Recommendation: Required and a statement of purpose along with the resume.

Degree Completion Requirements

In addition to the nine required core seminars described previously and the computer language requirement (EDU 715), the Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language specialization requires 20 specialization credits as follows:

Required at CSU (8 credits)

• EDC 811 – Training, Development, and Supervision of Teachers of Foreign Language
• ETE 812 – Educational Technology in Chinese Language Instruction

Required Online at East China Normal University (6 Credits)

• EDB 813 – Cognitive Studies in Chinese as a Foreign Language
• EDB 814 – Theories of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign/Second Language

Required Online at Beijing Normal University (6 Credits)

• EDB 815 – Research on Chinese Grammar
• EDB 816 – Study of Theories at the Frontier of the Discipline of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language