Doctoral Studies

Specializations - Urban Educational Policy Studies

Program Overview

The Policy Studies specialization is designed for those students who wish to deepen their understanding of the historical, theoretical and practical aspects of educational policy and policy formulation. It provides doctoral students with opportunities to engage in the study of policy analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of urban education. Policy Studies accepts applicants with a broader range of master’s-level study and prepares them for policy-leadership and school-reform roles in a variety of educational settings .This program also prepares students for careers as educational program evaluation specialists at the district or state level  and teaching at the university level in a teacher preparation program.

Program Objectives

• Provide interdisciplinary study of theoretical perspectives to inform policy analysis
• Analyze accountability requirements at both school building and district levels as a way to inform policy-building by means of a wide range of data sources
• Strengthen students’ qualitative and quantitative research skills, including research proposal writing, design, data collection, and analysis
• Prepare students to connect school building/district policy issues with community-focused interests designed to further progress and development
• Equip students to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders on emerging trends in policy development grounded in contextual analyses • Offer a special focus on urban educational policy


Policy Studies graduates are prepared to work in K-12 schools, colleges, universities, non-profits and as educational consultants. Examples of career opportunities include:

• Program officer in a major Cleveland-based philanthropy, developing local neighborhood-based strategies for improving outcomes for children and youth as well as collaborating with state and federal agencies in program development and funding opportunities
• Educational consultant to a county-wide educational service center, providing professional development and technical assistance for state-level educational improvement initiatives
• College or university faculty, conducting research and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in urban policy, social foundations in education, and research methods
• K-12 educator, extending professional engagement by actively developing policy and practice within urban and inner-ring districts through local and state-level efforts

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Admission Requirements

Admission Term: Applications for admission are processed for Fall semester only

Application Deadline: First Monday in February
Prerequisites: Master's Degree
GRE Requirement: Optional
Letters of Recommendation: Required and a statement of purpose along with the resume

Degree Completion Requirements


  • EDU 814 - Urban Educational Policy

• EDB 604 - Social Issues & Education
• EDB 606 - Philosophy of Education
• EDB 608 – School & Society in the American Past
• EDB 609 – Comparative & International Education
• EDB 612 - Curriculum Theory & Instruction
• EDB 671 - History of Minority Education
• EDB 693 - Special Topics in Curriculum & Foundations
• EDB 711 - Educational Evaluation & Innovation *
• ADM 643 - School Financial & Facilities Management
• ADM 677 - Legal and Policy Issues in Education

*recommended for all who plan to lead or evaluate programs

At least 11 additional hours selected from policy foundations, urban affairs, sociology, and history.