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2022 Ohio 11th Congressional District Race Information

2022 Ohio 11th Congressional District Race 

Learn about the Candidates: Why This Race Matters | About the Candidate Videos | Meet the Candidates | Meet Shontel Brown | Meet Nina Turner

Why This Race Matters 

With over 692,589 people in Ohio's 11th Congressional District, our hope is that this additional exposure to the candidates will be helpful in driving citizens to get out and vote. 

It is common for local and midterm election years to receive less attention and participation than Presidential Elections. We often see a flurry of organizing and civic participation during Presidential Election years, yet there is a noticeable drop off during local election and midterm election years. According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office, the 2020 Presidential Election in Ohio saw a voter turnout rate of over 73%Compare that to 2017, one of the last local election years following a Presidential Election in Ohio, statewide wide voter turnout was only 30%In the 2014 and 2018 midterm elections, voter turnout in Ohio was 40.65% and 55.72% respectively. This noticeable participation drop in local and midterm elections in our state has inspired our Office to focus on educating our students on the importance and impact of local and state politics and elections. 

Simply put, local and statewide elections matter, and it is our civic responsibility to educate our CSU campus community about them.

About the Candidate Videos

Non-Partisanship Statement 
The Office of Civic Engagement at Cleveland State University is committed to providing and promoting non-partisan information to Cleveland State’s University’s campus community. The OCE, and its staff, do not endorse candidates, campaigns, or causes. All information, including videos presented, have been made available by our Office for the purposes of providing civic engagement opportunities, information, and resources to the CSU campus community. The OCE encourages CSU students, faculty, and staff to independently research and educate themselves on elections, including the important upcoming Ohio 11th Congressional District race.  

This initiative is an educational opportunity for our students which we hope encourages them to connect with a candidate's campaign and platform. 

 Questions Asked of Each Candidate

  • Briefly introduce yourself including where you are from, your connection to Cleveland, and your current occupation or past work history.
  • Why are you running to represent Cleveland in Congress?
  • What do you think are the biggest issues or challenges facing our city today?
  • What do you believe are the greatest opportunities facing our city?
  • What unique perspective do you believe you will bring to Washington?
  • What experience do you bring that would benefit the city if you were elected Congressperson?
  • Why do you believe young people should be involved in elections like the Congressional Race?
  • Why do you believe the youth vote is important?
  • Explain how your candidacy will affect the lives of Clevelanders. Also, specifically address young people who attend school in Cleveland or may plan to live in Cleveland after graduation.
  • If students would like to get more involved in your campaign, or learn more about you, how could they do so?
  • Remind students of the registration deadlines and voting days for the Primary and General Election.
  • What specific policy or legislation are you proposing you would prioritize to put in place if victorious?

Questions or Comments 
If you have any further questions about this video series, please reach out directly to Anita Ruf-Young, OCE Director, at

Meet the Ohio 11th Congressional District Candidates

The OCE is pleased to announce that we have reached out to all declared candidates for the Ohio 11th Congressional District race. The OCE requested their participation in our, “Meet the Ohio 11th Congressional District Candidates Video Series” to help our Office introduce and connect each candidate to our CSU campus community. Our Office provided each candidate the same list of questions to answer in their videos. Below you will find links to videos from the candidates who agreed to participate in this series. Candidate’s videos will be added on a rolling basis and will be removed if a candidate drops out of the race. These videos are a great resource for you to start learning about the candidates for the Ohio 11th Congressional District race. 

The OCE encourages YOU to get involved in this process by registering to vote, updating your voter registration, or going a step further in your civic participation by volunteering or organizing on one of these congressional campaigns. Getting involved with one of these Ohio congressional campaigns is a great way to network, gain experience, or enhance your professional development. Our Office hopes that these videos will inspire you to engage with one of these campaigns. If interested, look at the contact information we have provided for each candidate’s campaign below. 

Meet Candidate Shontel Brown

Campaign Website:
Volunteer Activities Signup:

Meet Candidate Nina Turner

Campaign Website: