Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Amanda Mohan

Amanda Mohan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Amanda served as a tutor in the OCE America Reads Program at the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) for two years. She is an Early Childhood Education major at Cleveland State.

Did you find working for OCE CPL America Reads valuable?
Working at Cleveland Public Library through the Office of Civic Engagement was an extremely valuable experience, as I was able to meet new people within the Cleveland community as well as help those I was working with!

What skill did you gain from being a tutor in the OCE CPL America Reads program that will help you in your future career?
Skills that I have gained from the CPL America Reads Program that will help me in my future career include understanding and patience.

What was your most rewarding experience working as a tutor for the CPL America Reads program?
My most rewarding experience was when one of my students who struggled to remain motivated in school and had difficulty engaging in schoolwork earned an award for being the most improved student in school that year. He tried to act as if it wasn’t a big deal but I could tell that he was proud of himself and was excited that his efforts were being recognized. Seeing the drastic change in my student’s attitude towards his education was such a rewarding experience as a future teacher!

What tutoring experiences helped you in your Early Childhood Education program?
My experience as a tutor helped me in my early childhood education program because I found myself applying concepts that I was learning in my courses to my tutoring experience. I was able to apply my knowledge and see first hand how specific principles of teaching worked in specific scenarios.

How has your tutoring experience prepped you for your career?
My tutoring experience has prepped me for my career as an educator because it provided me insight into the teaching profession as early as my freshman year of college. Being a tutor through the CPL America Reads program reinforced that teaching is something that I want to do for the rest of my life!