Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Armonie Pope

Meet Armonie Pope, a Graduate student with an undergraduate degree in Social Work here at CSU. Armonie participated in our Office of Civic Engagement America Reads program this year at the E 131st branch of the Cleveland Public Library, where she logged 142 service hours and engaged with 85 community members. Take a look below to learn more about Armonie's experience in the program!

ARMONIEPOPE.jpgName: Armonie Pope
Major: Social Work
Class Standing: Graduate

How long have you worked for the Viking Corps or America Reads program? 
I have worked for the America Reads program for a year and a half.
After being part of Viking Corps or America Reads, what do you feel you have you been able to learn about the community or people you serve? 
Being part of the America Reads program has allowed me to learn about the community and the people within that community. I have been able to learn about the history and values that each community holds. For the people that I have served, it has allowed me to learn about their background and distinguishing characteristics. It has helped me become a better person and learn more about myself so I can better serve the individuals that I worked with daily.
What benefits do you feel you gained from being part of the Viking Corps or America Reads program and/or getting to work with the program's staff? 
I have benefited from being a part of America Reads in a variety of ways including becoming better educated about both the community and the children that live there and being able to help kids in impoverished neighborhoods who may have limited resources. This program has allowed me to form many relationships with children, parents, staff members and other Cleveland State students through hearing their stories and troubles that they may have faced throughout their lifetime. I have learned and benefited from talking to the children, by helping them with homework, reading books, playing games, and doing crafts with them.
What rewarding or special experiences have you had being a tutor or student worker in a non-tutoring position? 
I have experienced many rewarding experiences as an America Reads tutor including: seeing the amount of progress and how much the students have grown during our time together, the satisfaction of knowing the kids look forward to seeing me every day, and how eager they are to tell me exciting stories pertaining to school or their homelife. The different bonds that I have formed with the children at each branch that I have worked with is very rewarding to me. Overall, I know that I am making a difference and that individuals appreciate my contributions to their community. 

If you are a CSU student and would like to have a meaningful experiential learning experience in Viking Corps or CPL America Reads please contact Anita Ruf-Young at for information about these programs. Click here to view more Viking Corps and America Reads students profiles.