Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Bryan Ash

Meet Bryan Ash, a Psychology Major here at CSU. Bryan participated in our Office of Civic Engagement Viking Corps program this year at Davis A&M, where he logged 37 service hours and engaged with 38 community members. Take a look below to learn more about Bryan's experience in the program!

BRYANASH.jpgName: Bryan Ash
Major: Psychology
Class Standing: Undergraduate

How long have you worked for the Viking Corps or America Reads program? 
I have worked for the Viking Corps program for Spring semester of the 2019-2020 school year.
After being part of Viking Corps or America Reads, what do you feel you have you been able to learn about the community or people you serve? 
I have learned that the community is full of extremely talented kids, and that with a little help every one of them can succeed.

What benefits do you feel you gained from being part of the Viking Corps or America Reads program and/or getting to work with the program's staff? 
I believe I have benefited from working with the Viking Corps program by meeting other students and staff who could influence my academic journey in a positive way, by sharing their own academic journeys with me.
What rewarding or special experiences have you had being a tutor or student worker in a non-tutoring position? 
As a tutor, it was very rewarding to me when I would help a student and they would gain a new understanding of a topic. To see the solution click for them was a special thing for me.

If you are a CSU student and would like to have a meaningful experiential learning experience in Viking Corps or CPL America Reads please contact Anita Ruf-Young at for information about these programs. Click here to view more Viking Corps and America Reads students profiles.