Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Elizabeth Hani

HANI.jpgHow long have you worked for the Viking Corps or America Reads program?
I started working with the America Reads program in the fall semester of 2019 and I am still currently working with them.

After being part of Viking Corps or America Reads, what do you feel you have you been able to learn about the community or people you serve?
I learned that anybody is willing to learn if they are treated with respect and are having fun at the same time. Once the kids get comfortable working with me, most of them are so cooperative and eager to learn. As for the community, I’ve met some of the nicest people. These people have so much gratitude for us and this program. I just love to see how thankful they are, despite any of the situations they may be facing. They teach me to be grateful always.

What benefits do you feel you gained from being part of the Viking Corps or America Reads program and/or getting to work with the program's staff?
Again, helping others in this community makes me realize how easy I have access to certain resources. Resources such as transportation and education. I feel honored that I am able to help these people gain the resources that I get so easily. This whole experience makes me feel grateful for what I have. It is such a wholesome feeling knowing that I am able to make a family’s life slightly easier. I also learn so much from the kids I tutor! Such as how to play Uno the “modern way,” how to solve a Rubik’s cube, how their religion works, and how their life is in their community. Even knowing these little things broadens my knowledge daily. I just love learning about different people and lifestyles. I also met some great people through the libraries and CSU! I’ve gained new knowledge, friendships, and connections from them and I am grateful to have these opportunities.

What rewarding or special experiences have you had being a tutor or student worker in a non-tutoring position?
​​​​​​​I always have some rewarding or special experiences when tutoring! When a student finally understands what I am teaching or when a student scores a good grade on a test because of my help, that is special to me. These small victories are so rewarding for me. It tells me that I am on the right track. Just seeing these kids happy and succeeding is the greatest reward. Also, the fact that these kids are willing to trust me and even become my friend is so special to me.