Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Madison Crenshaw

Madison Crenshaw​​​​​​​Madison was just hired to serve as a tutor at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School in the OCE Viking Corps program. She is a freshman Nursing Major here at Cleveland State University.

What will this job mean for you at this time?
This job will mean everything to me by being able to help out my family again. I've felt so helpless during this pandemic and taking some stress off my family's load, no matter how small, means a lot. I hope to gain more experience in helping others and to broaden my perspective. I am looking forward to being able to help others who could also be struggling during this time. This pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, so it would be a bright spot in my day to help out others in need.

What inspired you to tutor others during the pandemic?
It is a hard time for all of us right now, but students are being hit especially hard. I know how hard of a time I've had during this pandemic. I would love to help others out in the same way that I've been helped. I was looking into a tutoring job before the pandemic. I have experience tutoring my family members so it was really something I was inspired to do.

How have you, your family, or schooling been affected by COVID-19?
I am the oldest of five children and I am passionate about everything that I do. I live in a family of eight and both my mother and I have lost our jobs. My dad is the only one working right now. I've lost family members during this pandemic. Schooling has also been an adjustment, as I've had to change the way I learn so abruptly.