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Meet Stephen Born

Stephen Born​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

OCE America Reads Student Testimonial

"Working as a tutor for America Reads opened a lot of doors for me. The experience was a privilege and the opportunity taught me valuable life skills. I learned to meet the kids at their level. Through America Reads, I actually secured two other positions during my college career. One, as a summer camp counselor and another, as a tutor at my university. Even now, although I work almost entirely with adults, I find myself relying on a lot of the foundational skills I learned in school and at America Reads. I also found America Reads to be a great opportunity to apply what I was learning in my coursework at Cleveland State. My major included several classes related to working with children with speech and hearing deficits as well as developmental disabilities. I now work for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Cape Coral, Florida. Currently, I serve as a staff audiologist. I work with Veterans every day and help them manage hearing loss and balance disorders. I am considering going back to school within the next few years to either study creative writing or continue my work in audiology and pursue a Ph.D."

​​​​​​​Stephen Born
B.A in Speech and Hearing Science, Cleveland State University