Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Taya Danae Rogers

Meet Taya Rogers, a Health Sciences Major here at CSU. Taya participated in our Office of Civic Engagement Viking Corps program this year at the Sterling Branch of the Cleveland Public Library and Davis A&M, where she logged 84 service hours and engaged with 53 community members. Take a look below to learn more about Taya's experience in the program!

TAYADANAE.jpgName: Taya Rogers
Major: Health Sciences
Class Standing: Undergraduate

How long have you worked for the Viking Corps or America Reads program? 
I have worked for the Viking Corps Program for two years, beginning in September 2018. 

After being part of Viking Corps or America Reads, what do you feel you have you been able to learn about the community or people you serve? 
I've learned that the students and parents are appreciative of us as tutors, as we have a significant impact on their child’s schoolwork. We make differences in the kids’ lives, big and small, and we also create new friendships with our students.
What benefits do you feel you gained from being part of the Viking Corps or America Reads program and/or getting to work with the program's staff? 
A benefit I have gained from being a part of Viking Corps is patience. Some kids have a harder time learning things, but by being patient and understanding with them, we get to see the breakthroughs when they finally understand their work. This job has also helped me meet different people throughout the city of Cleveland, and every student/kid is different. I have also been able to meet and create friendships with other CSU student tutors.
What rewarding or special experiences have you had being a tutor or student worker in a non-tutoring position? 
Rewarding and special experiences I have had being a tutor include: when students tell me I am their favorite tutor, when they genuinely thank me for helping with their homework, seeing their eyes light up when they actually understand their work, and hopefully, leaving an impact in their life that they’ll remember forever.

If you are a CSU student and would like to have a meaningful experiential learning experience in Viking Corps or CPL America Reads please contact Anita Ruf-Young at for information about these programs. Click here to view more Viking Corps and America Reads students profiles.