Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Will Swinney

SWINNEY.jpgHow long have you worked for the Viking Corps or America Reads program?
One semester, spring 2020.

After being part of Viking Corps or America Reads, what do you feel you have you been able to learn about the community or people you serve?
It has been great working and participating in this program. I have realized the needs of the marginal community with which I work with at the Centers for Families and Children. It has given me an opportunity to realize the value of all human life, no matter what age, race or identity. It has been and is an honor to work and serve others in need. I have continued to work with the Centers for Families and Children in a volunteer position through the summer and will start back with the Viking Corps program in the fall.

What benefits do you feel you gained from being part of the Viking Corps or America Reads program and/or getting to work with the program's staff?
Being a part of Viking Corps has been a large part of my graduate school experience at Maxine Levin Goodman College of Urban Affairs. Not only have I gained valuable work experience, I have made extra money, networked by meeting people with experiences in the nonprofit world, and reached out and helped others all at the same time. I cannot say enough what the Viking Corps program has meant to me.

What rewarding or special experiences have you had being a tutor or student worker in a non-tutoring position?
​​​​​​​I have done extensive work in an outpatient program, aiding and assisting those in the community who are facing trials in their life. It is great to give back.