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In cooperation with Cleveland State Global, the ESL Program provides the following sequence of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses that provide a pathway into a full undergraduate program. The courses are offered in Fall and Spring Semesters. Students will be in the sequence for one or two semesters depending on placement. The students may be in the Accelerated Academic Program (AAP) or Ustart. Informally, they are referred to as pathway courses. International students who apply to Cleveland State University, but do not have the required language proficiency or GPA may be eligible for these courses. Students may begin at ESL 50 or 52 depending on their proficiency or GPA. Most students in their first semester will also take ESL 51. Students who begin in ESL 50 can finish the EAP sequence in two semesters. Students who begin in ESL 52 can finish in one semester.  Passing grades for all three EAP courses are C (70%) or higher.  A grade of 69% or lower will require the student to repeat the course. See below for contact information.

The English for Academic Purposes 1 (ESL 50) course is designed to improve the academic language and skills of undergraduate students at the high intermediate level (CEFR B2).  In this course, students develop the ability to create well-supported presentations and written essays or assignments. It is a 10-hour per week course. Some work is done on Blackboard. Students need a grade of C (70%) or higher to move to ESL 52.

The English for Academic Purposes 2 (ESL 52) is an integrated-skill course is designed to improve the academic language and skills of undergraduate students at the advanced level (CEFR C1). In this course, students develop the ability to analyze complex audio, video, and supporting text sources and develop well-supported responses in discussion and oral comprehension. It is a 2-hour per week course. Students need a grade of C (70%) or higher to pass the course and complete the EAP course sequence.

The Live, Learn Grow 1 (ESL 51) course extends the initial orientation program into a comprehensive experience that supports the personal and professional growth of first-year international students.  The 1-hour per week course orients international students to the university, its surrounding area, and the national cultural context; fosters student success through learner-centered activities; and develops skills and competencies that will enable students to succeed beyond their first semester and beyond their time at the university.  This course provides students with essential logistical and academic planning information and exposure to key services, and it helps to familiarize students with their physical and cultural surroundings. A capstone digital storyteling project/presentation that is worked on throughout the semester is the final assessment. The course meets in person 1 hour per week, but has out of class activities or assignments. Students need a passing grade of C (70%) or higher. 

Cleveland State Global offices are located in Mather Mansion, Reception in MM 203. or

The English as a Second Language Program, a university-run office, is located in Mather Mansion room 205.  You can also contact us at or 216-875-9669. We also run the Intensive English Language Program if you need more language instruction before starting an academic program.

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