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Taskstream Support


TaskStream SUPPORT

For Navigating Taskstream: Aimee Furio

For Technical & Activation Help: Dr. Heather Gallacher

For Checkpoint help: Contact Dr. Brian Yusko with questions.

Questions about Login or expired accounts, contact Taskstream: 800-311-5656 or 

Navigating TaskStream

Below you will find brief tutorials to navigate TaskStream.  For additional resources, click HERE.

Student Self Enrollment 23-24

PDF icon TaskStream Self Enrollment 23-24.pdf

Cancelling a Submission PDF icon How to cancel a submission
edTPA Self Enrollment & Accessing the Handbook

Go to the OFS edTPA webpage for Resources: Click HERE

Hide or Show a DRF PDF icon Customize Display
Introduction to Taskstream PDF icon Getting Started - Taskstream

Locating CPAST & SPA Rubrics

(and DRF Instructions)

PDF icon Locating CPAST & SPA Rubrics (Supervisors)

PDF icon Locating CPAST & SPA Rubrics (Students)

Renewing a Student Account

Student – Renew Inactive Account: PDF icon Renew a Student Account

Supervisors - To view Inactive Accounts: PDF icon Taskstream- SUP View Inactive Accounts

Scoring Work/Scorking CPAST PDF icon Taskstream - Scoring Work
Supervisor CPAST Training PDF icon CPAST Training
To Change the # of Students You are Viewing PDF icon Limit the # of Students in View

Help from COEHS Dean's Office

TaskStream FAQ

TaskStream Resources

Requirements by Program