Levin College of Public Affairs and Education

About Us

The Levin College of Public Affairs and Education (Levin) at Cleveland State University offers interdisciplinary undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees by offering tools to address complex urban, human, and societal challenges.

Levin, encompasses areas of CommunicationCounseling, Administration, Supervision and Adult LearningCriminology and Sociology, Educational Studies, Research and TechnologyTeacher Education, and Urban Affairs - to offer an innovative approach to learning within an urban research university. A powerful combination of instruction and real-world experiences ensures that our students graduate fully prepared to contribute to the civic, economic, and educational development of our region and our world.

Levin students are afforded opportunities for scholarship, research, mentorship, experiences in the field, and service to their community. The program offers wider and deeper collaborations in education (PK-12, Adult Education, and Educational Leadership), economic development, city planning, public safety- bringing diverse disciplinary tools to bear on complex urban, human, and societal challenges through expanded research and new ways to use communication in policy development.

Levin students will be trained to address complex societal challenges that are inextricably linked but cannot be addressed in isolation. Our graduates will be deployed to address inequities (in education, health, and mental health), public safety, technological advance, climate change, as well as innovations in how to educate, train, and re-train the workforce in a dynamic economy.

Levin faculty and staff routinely put their knowledge into action, engaging with decision makers at the international, national, state, and local levels. Our centers and programs have served as the focal point of applied research, technical assistance, and public service for over 35 years.

Research centers housed within Levin include:

Center for Community Planning and Development Criminology Research Center
Center for Economic Development Diversity Institute
Center for Population Dynamics Energy Policy Center
Center for Urban Education  

Levin also houses centers and programs that provide expertise, offer student connections and experiences, and support regional strategies including leadership and management training and civic infrastructure.

Center for Educational Leadership Community Learning Center for Children and Youth
Center for Excellence and Innovation in Education CSUteach
Center for Public and Nonprofit Management Office of Civic Engagement