Office of Field Services (OFS)

2022 - 2023 Policies

CDC Guidelines: Click here

The COVID-19 pandemic is still present and serious. It is imperative that you follow the school district’s policies for COVID-19 precautions. Students who violate this protocol will need to leave the classroom and may lose their placement. Repeated violations of these health-saving protocols may lead to sanctions under the CSU Student Code of Conduct (3344-83-04 [E] and [Z]) up to and including suspension or expulsion. The CSU community thanks you for your cooperation. 

If you test positive or are exposed to someone with COVID...

All Final Year Interns must:

  1. Notify Health & Wellness Services at 216-687-3649.
  2. Reach out to OFS (216-687-4616). We will connect you to the full resources of the University and support you in any way possible.
  3. Contact both your CSU Supervisor and Mentor Teacher.

The CSU Health and Wellness Center (IM Building, Room 205) provides free testing AND vaccinations during regular business hours (216-687-3649):
Rapid Test: Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:00pm (walk-in, plan to be there 25 minutes for results)
Vaccinations: Tuesdays, 9-12pm or 1-4:00pm (walk-in)


  • For students/faculty/staff who are not vaccinated and come in close contact with someone who is positive, they will be asked to quarantine for 10 days; get a test after 3-5 days of exposure. 
  • For those who are vaccinated and come in close contact with someone who is positive, they do not have to quarantine at all.
  • If you are positive for COVID (whether vaccinated or not), you should isolate for 10-14 days and until a negative test. 
  • CSU Health and Wellness is offering free tests to all students. Call to make an appointment. 
  • For more information on CSU protocols, visit CSU Safe Campus

CMSD INTERNS: You are required to contact
the CMSD COVID-19 Health Hotline - 216.838.WELL (9355).

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