Office of Field Services (OFS)

Substitute Teaching



Cleveland State University's Department of Teacher Education permits Interns to substitute teach during their final year experiences (Apprentice Teaching I/II, Internship I/II, practicum/student teaching, etc.). Interns (with or without a bachelor degree) must complete the following requirements in order to substitute teach during their final year.

Note for Undergraduate Students WITHOUT a bachelor Degree: CSU Interns may apply for a one-time non-renewable one-year temporary non-bachelor’s substitute teaching license for 2023-2024 based on the authority granted by Senate Bill 1 (SB1). SB 1 permits a public or chartered nonpublic school, for the 2023-2024 school year, to employ a substitute teacher according to the school’s own education requirements, provided the individual also is deemed to be of good moral character and successfully completes a criminal records check.  Licenses are available at the request of the employing school or district. Applicants must have current FBI/BCI checks on file with ODE. 


Cleveland State University is responsible for verifying that teacher candidates satisfy all requirements to be eligible fo licensure. Therefore, the Teacher Education Department agrees to the requirements for final year Interns (Internship I/II, Apprentice Teaching I/II, Practicum/Student Teaching:

  1. The CSU Intern must complete the CSU Substitute Teaching Eligibility Document. This provides permission from the mentor teacher, supervisor, seminar leader, and building principal to ensure that the candidate is not struggling to meet field experience requirements.  This permission may be rescinded for struggling interns. This documentation must be submitted by all final year interns each semester, even if they are already licensed substitute teachers. This allows for transparency between Cleveland State University and partner districts.

  2. The CSU Intern must meet district guidelines and complete all district onboarding requirements to be eligible for substitute teaching prior to accepting any substitute teaching assignment.  Interns are responsible for completing this step on their own and will not be done through OFS.

All other Field Experiences (i.e. Rotations & Steps/CI) are permitted to Substitute Teach without CSU approval but hours cannot conflict with or count towards required coursework or field hours.


  1. Intern reviews:
  2. Intern completes the Microsoft Office document icon Substitute Teaching Eligibility Document, Spring 24

    • Requests Approval from Stakeholders including mentor, principal, CSU Field Supervisor, and Seminar Leader (approval can be verbal or virtual)

    • Submit editable document to the Office of Field Services at All CSU interns must have a document on file with OFS each semester.

  3. Office of Field Services Reviews Application and confirms eligibility

    • CSU sends Confirmation Email to all stakeholders

  4. Intern is permitted to apply directly to District for open Substitute Teaching Position (*This step may not be required if Intern is already employed by District as a substitute Teacher)

    • This may include application, submission of background checks, drug test, and/or Orientation

  5. Intern must have one data point in the field (by Mentor or Supervisor, at least 2 weeks) befor they are permitted to substitute. Returning Substitutes (i.e., same district/school/mentor in Semester II) are not required to wait.

  6. Intern may be required to submit proof of assignments at any given time.

The entire substitute teaching application process may take several weeks. CSU recommends completing the process as soon as possible as interns are not permitted to substitute teach without full CSU approval and license through the district. Policies and procedures may be revised to reflect changes in Teacher Education.


Reach out directly to Office of Field Services, (JH 187) at 216-687-4616 or