Office of Field Services (OFS)

Background Checks & Fingerprinting

Background Check

All Students entering the field must have a current background check (BCI/FBI).

POLICY: Only students with current FBI / BCI results on file with OFS will be permitted in the field.  CSU Policy states that background checks expire one-year from the complete date. Interns may not be in the field with expired documents.  It is the responsibility of the Intern to complete a yearly background check and notify the Office of Field Services.

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: ESSC (Advising) in Julka Hall, room 170, is OPEN by appointment only for background checks.  Please follow the link below to schedule an appointment for the BCI/FBI check.  

To schedule an appointment, go to the ESSC website for information. 

**All Final Year Students use code: 3319 (Only Speech Students use code: 4753).  Send a copy to ODE and OFS.

Payment & Documentation: Students can pay with a credit card in the ESSC office.  To pay by check, please reach out to the Bursar’s office for instructions:  216.687.5411 **Bring a valid State ID/Driver's License and you must know your Social Security #**

Have a Current Background Check from Your Employer?  We will accept a background check from an employer if it is coded correctly, both BCI and FBI documents are included, and is not expired (background checks expire one-year from the complete date).  Please reach out to your HR department to get a copy of both the BCI and FBI report.  If a student receives an ODJFS Program Notification of Background Check Review for Child Care, please request copies of the BCI and FBI reports.  Final year placements require complete background check documentation including both BCI and FBI reports.  Please contact Aimee Furio if you have questions. 

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