Office of Field Services (OFS)

Attendance Forms

Upload your mid-semester and final attendance sheet to TASKSTREAM. (Due week 8 & 15)

Please fill out your attendance form and have your mentor sign it each week.  At mid-semester you will upload the timesheet with the appropriate signatures.  SPEECH and TESOL Interns send their attendance sheet to their supervisor and do not use Taskstream. 

*Note: a PDF'd email from your mentor confirming your hours can be uploaded with the form. 

ATTENDANCE FORM – Upload Mid-Semester & End of Semester:

Excel Form (fillable online)

Mentor can signoff thru email, PDF the email and upload form to Taskstream.

File 2023-2024_Attendance_Form.xlsx

PDF Form (Printable)

Print form, manually add hours, have Mentor sign weekly, scan and upload to Taskstream.

PDF icon 2023-2024_Attendance_Form.pdf

Contact if you have difficulties with the Excel file. 


I do not have access to Excel? As a CSU student, you can download the Microsoft Suite for free.  Contact:

What if there is a school closure? Add a note on the days that there is a school closure, our for personal reason, or you attend a Professional Development/orientation. 

How many personal days am I allowed to miss? Interns are allowed 3 excused absences.  Please see the student handbook for specific guidelines on excused absences.