Office of Field Services (OFS)

Observation Forms

Please use any of the following forms to document an observation on a student in the field.  Please note that the observations forms do not need to only be used during a formal observation.  Please use this often as documentation of any formal or informal conversations about performance.  When observing the student, please keep in mind which experience the student is in.  If your student is in practicum, they may not be as experienced as a student teacher. Please also use College/Program-Specific Addendum and CPAST "Look Fors" - email OFS for a copy.

The CPAST Rubric/CPAST Look Fors is used as the mid- & final Triad forms.  The mentor, the supervisor, and the student should each fill out the form specified for their licensure area.  The CSU Supervisor will set up a meeting with mentor and intern around the 7th week and the 15th week of the semester to discuss the scores.  Once everyone has come to a consensus, the Supervisor will upload the scores and documents to TaskStream in the designated OFS template. 

CPAST Form: CPAST, Candidate Preservice Assessment of Student Teaching, is a valid and reliable assessment tool developed by a team from 11 different higher education instituations across Ohio.  Aligned to CAEP and InTASC standars, the formative and summative assessment was developed over a three year period and includes Pedagogy and Disposition subscales.  Each row in CPAST includes detailed descriptors of observable, measurable behaviors to guide scoring.   

CPAST Observation Form: (Formal Observation) File Supervision Observation Form - CPAST Fall 2019.docx
Informal Observation Informal Walkthrough Form
Early Childhood:    File Early Childhood Education Addendum
Middle Childhood: File Specialized Middle Childhood Addendum     
Special Education: Mild / Moderate Specialization Specialization Addendum
Moderate / Intensive Specialization Specialization Addendum    
Secondary Reflection Form File Observation Reflection Template.docx
Secondary Language Arts: File Specialized Secondary Language Arts Addendum
Secondary Social Studies: File Specialized Secondary Social Studies Addendum
Secondary Math: File Specialized Secondary Math Addendum
Secondary Science: File Specialized Secondary Science Addendum
Foreign Language: File Foreign Language Addendum  
Physical Education: File Physical Education Addendum.xlsx
Music Education: Coming soon...
AYA STEP (EUT 201/202) Step 1&2 Field Observation Form (CSUTeach)
AYA CI Classroom Interaction Observation Form (CSUTeach)