Office of Field Services (OFS)

Video Consent Forms

Please read the below information carefully!

Waiver Policy for Video: The Intern should first check with the District to see if the District's waiver covers video and photography.  If it does, the Intern should obtain a copy of the waiver document and an email from the Mentor indicating which students are approved and not approved for video/photography.  If the District does not have a waiver, the OFS Recording Waiver for CSU Field Experiences can be found below.  The Intern should distribute the form to each parent/guardian.  This form allows the Intern to record in the classroom for internal academic use only.  Each student appearing in the video(s) needs to have a signed consent form on file.  **If permission to video record is denied or questioned by the Mentor Teacher, please contact OFS so that we can reach out to the District. 

Recording Waiver for CSU Field Experiences

edTPA Waiver (English Version)

edTPA Waiver (Spanish Version)

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